As part of our consultation, we have done security assessments in industries such as Finance, Health care, Retail and Technology.


• Web Application Penetration Test

• API Penetration Test

• IOS & Android Penetration Test

• Network Penetration Test

• Red Team Assessments

• Social Engineering Scenarios (Phishing/Spear Phishing/ Vishing)

The Methodology we follow:


Reconnaissance - This process begins with getting to know the target using passive methods and network scanning.

Vulnerability Identification – This process identifies valid findings from the scans to further exploit manually for the purpose of detecting security weaknesses in the application.

Exploitation – At this stage the security consultant safely exploits the identified vulnerability to gain access by breaching security of a system. Once, the access is acquired, the focus turns to escalation and movement to identify technical risk and total business impact.

Reporting - Detailing the vulnerabilities found and providing information on potential impact on the company if exploited.

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